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We look forward to helping you build your dreams one door at a time.
    A little bit about the our company:

    Who We Are:

    The first Hide A Door was created and built in the mid 90's.  The purpose of the first door was to
    hide an unsightly laundry room from public eye.

    The parent company of Hide A Door was first opened almost two decades ago, specializing in
    custom trim packages for high end homes.  Gradually moving into building beautiful custom

    As clients became more interested in completely concealing a room, the demand also grew.  In
    2000 Hide A Door opened it's door, and first showcased their doors at the Houston Home Show in
    early 2001, the response was overwhelming.  The crowds around our small 10 x 10 booth
    completely blocked foot traffic as everyone tried to get a closer look at the innovative new product.

    In mid 2001 Hide A Door opened it's current office, shop, and showroom up to the public and
    retired a "Home Show" door to the showroom in it's original condition, with all it's original
    working parts.  

    The door is a perfect example of the craftsmanship and the quality of parts, the door itself has had
    well over 30,000 openings and closings.  A true testament of itself.

    How We Do it:

    We custom build each and every door from scratch. We sometimes have a small stock of doors
    that was left in our shop for one reason or another. When we do offer those doors they sell very
    quickly. The only thing we stock in our shop is wood; we have even gone as far as to manufacture
    our own moldings.

    We do not under any circumstance use or stock anything with MDF. MDF although is more cost
    effective (at times) it can weigh a ton. One sheet of MDF can weigh as much as 2 sheets of wood
    core ply-wood. When you're thinking of hinge weight (ours will hold 400lbs to 500lbs), you want
    to use durable products that have lesser weight. We don’t use MDF because of the weight issue,
    and it cannot withstand moisture. ANY moisture infiltration causes it to swell much more than
    “real wood”. We use only wood core plywood's and solid wood. In our paint grade selections we
    offer Knotty Pine (most cost effective), Clear Yellow Pine, and Poplar. We use only choice lumber
    that is hand unloaded off of each truck so we can check each and every piece. And we're not afraid
    to send lumber back because it does not meet our high standards. It drives our distributors NUTS.

    How do we come up with our designs?  Well, the truth is, that our clients inspire us.  Since each
    door is custom built, our clients really have a hand in the design process.  Some of our clients
    provide us with pictures of furniture,  family heirlooms, or design ideas from magazine articles.  
    Other clients tell us the needs for the unit.  While others simply pick and choose from our Gallery.  
    It's really that simply.  We've designed doors from the simple and elegant to the ornate and

    If you also look at our website and into our Gallery you'll see over 650 doors.   Most of the pictures
    where taken in our shop prior to shipping. We have shipped to all 50 states and overseas as far
    away as Ireland and Japan. All of our products have a guarantee on them which we stand behind.
    We are such a customer oriented company that we have helped people that have problems with
    doors that we did not build. It’s not about the money all the time, hospitality is the Southern way,
    andcustomer service is the Hide A Door way. We’ve even made our web-site dial up friendly and
    always offer monthly specials.

    We invite you to inspire us, so we may wow you!